Although I love our home, we needed help making it feel less cluttered and more balanced, shifting items and energy, especially in the main room (which is an open kitchen, living room, dining room).   Kelly came to the rescue!  After reviewing our home's exterior and interior, Kelly provided a thoughtful and detailed plan, from the front door, through the kitchen and bathrooms, and each living space.  The coolest part of the consultation was that Kelly started by evaluating the Ki Astrology for each of us - me, my husband, and our two kids - and incorporated that information into what our home needed.  Kelly helped us set intentions to achieve better health, balance, and patience, and then showed us how to implement the necessary changes in our home.  Her advice included tangible, quick fixes, as well as longer term objectives.  She even sent a thorough written document that we could review at any time as we worked on her suggestions.  I would highly recommend Kelly for her feng shui services.  She works with compassion, intuition, and knowledge.  She has a gift, and does such an incredible job evaluating space (and the people inside it) with a holistic perspective.

- C.K., April 2022

I believe our surroundings help influence how we feel in our daily lives and affect our energy. So, when I moved into my new house, I wanted to feng shui everything. Naturally, I hired Kelly from vitaliChi to help me. She guided me from start to finish -   before I moved in to bless the house, then after moving in, to feng shui every room to promote happiness, prosperity, and good health. It was important to feel energized, positive, and passionate about life. She was very detailed, walked me through every process, explained thoroughly how it all works, and showed me how to continue to stay attuned to the energy of the house. Moving is stressful enough. But just blessing the home before helped set positive energy to be a peaceful move. It's a great feeling to know that my home is balanced. More importantly, I have the tools to achieve specific results and increase my family's overall well-being, happiness, and success. Thank you, Kelly, for your insights and positive light. Look forward to having you come back for our quarterly blessings.

-C.S,  April 2022