Revive a bedroom, home office/study, living area  that will nurture your needs. Kelly will personally work with you to customize a feng shui solution to refresh and revitalize your space and enhance your overall wellbeing. Includes an energy reading of the room with specific adjustments, color recommendations, and furniture placement. 


starting fee: $625

The energy in a workplace/business can influence the success of the business and the cohesiveness of the occupants and clients. Whether you're a technology startup, yoga studio, or a medical facility, Kelly will analyze the space and create a plan that focuses on the health, productivity, and prosperity of your business. 


starting fee: $325 virtual/ $ 450 onsite

Create a healthy and holistic home that makes you feel at ease and supports your wellness. A complete analysis will uncover stagnant chi that is blocking movement in aspects of your daily life and accomplishments. Includes a space clearing and an energy reading of the entire home, addressing your connection to your home with the intentions you set. Also includes an 9 star ki astrology reading for all members residing in the home.



Are you overwhelmed with where to begin with all the clutter in your space? Or maybe you just need a hand making more sense of a closet/pantry and reorganize? Optimize the energy of your space by mindfully decluttering it with Kelly. By analyzing your personal energetic makeup, she can help you customize your decluttering objectives and create a vitalized path to a harmonious space. Though this process can conjure up many emotions, Kelly is able to use feng shui philosophies to guide you peacefully through it.